Tie on your skates and jump on the ice. We've got lots of life lessons to discuss today...

Do what you love

Life is too short not to do what you love. That doesn't mean that what you love necessarily has to be what you do for a living, or that you have to do what you love 24/7. It doesn't even mean that you should never do what you hate. Even the things you love most in your life are going to include some component in them that you don't like to do. What it does mean is that you should make a commitment to yourself to do the things you love on a regular basis.

Ice skating is a really addictive sport. The tag line for the ice rink in Tel Aviv is totally true, 'It's cold but you crave it.' I see a lot of people who show up to the ice rink completely terrified the first time. They might barely be able to stand up on their skates. For a few times around the rink they hug the wall like it was their best friend. But then they gain a little confidence, move away from the wall, take a few baby steps, and before you know it, they've fallen in love.

People go from thinking that they could never possibly stand up on the ice to loving the sport so much that they come back two or three times a week. It's not just kids, either. My oldest student right now is 62. I've had older students before. Most of these people have a million things going on in their lives: work, school, family. But ice skating becomes an important part of their life, one of the key things that they look forward to every week.

They don't get paid for skating. They don't make it their life's work. But they love it, and it does improve their lives. Sure, it's good exercise and it may help their health, but that's not what I'm talking about. Everything else in their week takes on a bit of the joy of skating, and that makes the whole week a little better.

What is your love? Do you make it a regular part of your life? How does that change your life?

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