Tie on your skates and jump on the ice. We've got lots of life lessons to discuss today...

Life lessons from the cold edge of a blade

My name is Lisha Sterling, and I am a figure skating coach in Tel Aviv. One day I started thinking about all the ways in which skating affects people's lives and all the lessons that you can take away from the ice, and I realized I had to share these insights with the rest of the word.

You don't have to be a figure skater to learn the lessons from the ice, just like even a vegan can enjoy Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you are a skater, though, you are bound to pick up some useful skating advice along the way.

A lot of the titles here are refrains that my students hear me say all the time. "Where ever your eyes are looking. That's where you are going." "Know when to commit." "Straighten your spine." (Actually, there should be exclamation points after each of those, since I'm usually competing with the loud music on a public session. But you get the point.) These sound bites aren't the whole picture, though. They are just mnemonics, reminders of larger concepts.

This blog is about the larger concepts, one the ice and in life.

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